Mkwawa was the chief of Uhehe who won fame by defeating Germans at Lugalo on 17th August 1891 and maintaining their resistance for seven years until he shot himself to death. Mkwawa is derived from Mukwava short form of Mukwavinyika, meaning the conqueror of many lands. He was born at Luhota in 1855.

Uhehe occupies the Iringa region of southern Tanzania in East Africa, its citizens (Hehe) are Bantu speaking people.

The history of Chief Mkwawa has always fascinated me since I was a little kid. After I acquired enough IT skills, the idea of putting the history on the web was always lingering in my mind. The only obstacle was that, the Internet technology in Tanzania was not that much developed and hence hampered my effort.

After having exposed to the world of IT, my effort was rekindled and revived. The first biggest step I did was to register the domain However another obstacle came, I did not have any authentic and reliable source of information.

Fortunately a freelance filmmaker in Germany, Mr. Martin Baer, eventually bumped into my personal web page while searching for any of Chief Mkwawa’s descendants on the Internet. He too was interested with Chief Mkwawa’s history and had a plan to make a documentary film since 1996. Martin managed to secure funds for the project and chose me to be the main actor. I took that opportunity to collect relevant materials of Chief Mkwawa’s history while filming in both Tanzania and German.

I am really grateful with what I had collected from interviewing people, reading history books and visiting historic places.This is an account of my itinerary. Hopefully you will find this site enjoyable as well as informative.