Two historical events took place here involving the brother and the son of Chief Mkwawa.

Chief Mkwawa's brother, Malangalila Gamoto fought four battles.
o Lugalo battle.
o Kilimatinde attack. He led a small battalion to attack the Germans.
o Kalenga battle.
o Image rescue.

Malangalila led a rescue of Chief Mkwawa's wives who were captured by Germans at Image. Although the rescue was a success, unfortunatly he was shot and badly injured. Chief Mkwawa ordered his brother to be taken back to Ubena where he ruled, but he died here on the way back. The monument was erected on the site where the body was left without a burial for some customarily reasons.

After the fall of Kalenga Chief Mkwawa's son Chief Risasiyaukali , decided to shoot himself rather than being humiliated by the Germans He was among the captives humiliated by carrying Germans luggage on foot to Dar Es Salaam. After his death people of Mbweni decided to put his body at the place where his uncle Malangalila's body was laid.